Our Aims

Our Aims

The charitable objectives of Glen Carne are to relieve need, hardship and distress of disadvantaged people in Cornwall, in particular but not exclusively by providing or assisting in the provision of accommodation, support, training and any other assistance as the directors may decide from time to time.

The aims of the service are:

  • to reduce / prevent homelessness
  • to enable vulnerable men with support needs to live independently within the community
  • to increase life skills and educational achievement
  • to increase opportunities for learning, training and employment
  • to reduce social exclusion
  • to reduce unnecessary and unwanted admissions to institutional care
  • to provide transitional support to tenants moving into independent accommodation.

The objects of the service are:

  • to assist clients to take up placements into our accommodation
  • to meet with clients for regular keyworking and support planning sessions, regular reviews and to help clients address the issues identified within these meetings, with the goal of achieving greater independence
  • to enable clients to develop skills to sustain their accommodation and live in the community to the extent that the support can eventually be withdrawn
  • to promote, advise and assist clients in the take up of employment, education and training
  • to provide opportunities for learning, training and work placements
  • to provide a safe environment for all clients free from incidents of harassment or substance misuse
  • reduce incidents of anti-social behavior and self-harm
  • to both advocate on behalf of the client to ensure their rights and easy access to services, with the goal of promoting greater independence.