Applications & Eligibility

Applications & Eligibility
Glen Carne is a Complex Needs Stage 3 and 4 Support Service, as defined by Adult Care and Support. We do not offer a night shelter facility, however the organisations below can offer advice or support if you are currently homeless, or at risk of, becoming homeless:

  • Glen Carne advertises vacancies through relevant organisations in the local community and also operates a waiting list in which referrals will be held on file to be considered when a place becomes available.
  • Applications and referrals can be downloaded via our Policies page.
  • The Housing and Support service is available to adult men who are experiencing, or are at risk of, homelessness.
  • All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are vulnerable and would benefit from the specific support services provided by Glen Carne.
  • Applicants must also demonstrate a commitment to an educational, training or work placement. In most instances this will be attendance of the on-site Horticultural course, Tenancy Accreditation course, and any other courses agreed as part of the support planning process.

  • The Glen Carne Foyer can provide accommodation for a wheelchair user or other disabled person.
  • Glen Carne is unable to accommodate Schedule 1 offenders or anyone who has a spent or unspent offence that may suggest that they could be a risk to other people that they share accommodation with. For example, offences relating to arson, serious violence or harassment of another person, are all likely to be reasons for exclusion.
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is not tolerated at Glen Carne.
  • Glen Carne will assess the risk of all applicants. If an applicant presents too high a risk to other people or to themselves they will not be housed at Glen Carne, although alternative accommodation will be suggested wherever possible.
  • The level of support that can be provided at Glen Carne is limited. If the need for support from Glen Carne is assessed as exceeding our support limit then the application will not be accepted and alternative advice given.